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Your one-stop partner from site selection to study execution

Sponsors and CROs partner with MplusM to conduct high performing trials in an integrated network with highly diverse patient populations.


Site Identification

MplusM Consulting helps Sponsors and CROs identify highly experienced sites in our network that match study needs.

With over 60 high performing sites with multitherapeutic experience and a highly diverse patient population, we help Sponsors/CROs find the right match for their trial.

Our single point of contact for our entire network streamlines the process and our commitment to quick turnaround time frames ensure a rapid start to your clinical trials.

60+ high performing integrated sites

Matching site capabilities with Sponsor/CRO needs

Accurate potential patient enrollment data

Guaranteed 48-hour turn around time for proposed sites

Diversity Solutions

Increasing participation of diverse patient populations in clinical trials has become a priority for the industry and at MplusM Consulting this is part of our vision.

All of the 62 research sites in our network are minority owned and operated and have a highly diverse patient population. Over 95% of our PIs are of a diverse background – increasing the opportunities to attract diverse populations that trust their doctor with clinical trials.

We assist Sponsors and CROs in meeting their diversity participant targets through our diverse site network and our Spanish speaking remote Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) services.

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Quality metrics

At MplusM Consulting we understand that there is no compromise with quality. All sites in our network operate under integrated SOPs.

Sharing best practices to ensure the highest quality results and data is an important component of our operations.

Feasibility Support

Trial delays are costly and detrimental to Sponsors and CROs. At MplusM, having quick turnaround times is a crucial part of our strategy and operating standards.

We offer a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time frame for FQs. All this is done through our single point of contact structure – streamlining times and procedures for Sponsors and CROs.

Budget & CTA Negotiations

Single point of contact for Budget and CTA Negotiations

One budget and one CTA for the whole network


Regulatory delays can be costly and time consuming. Our regulatory team can help you streamline the startup process.

Regulatory and IRB assistance

Quick Start Up Times

Time is essential in the pharmaceutical industry and delays in trial start-up timelines means delays of potentially lifesaving products coming into the market.

At MplusM we have a commitment to accelerated and streamlined turnaround times consisting of 48 hours for FQs and one week for Budget and CTA negotiations.

Payment Management

Our one CTA, one Budget operational approach helps streamline the payment management process.

We oversee the payment process and coordinate payments to all our integrated sites.

Patient Recruitment Solutions

Having accurate and precise enrollment targets is a cornerstone of any successful clinical trial. At MplusM Consulting we understand this importance very well and ensure that the potential patient enrollment data is always accurate.

Our access to a diverse patient population allows us to meet or exceed Sponsor and CRO study targets. By closely collaborating with our sites and within the communities we operate, we can help meet enrollment targets.