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Your preferred partner for a steady stream of study opportunities

At MplusM Consulting we understand the importance of having a steady stream of studies for sites.
Your success is our success.


Study Pipeline

A steady study pipeline is critical to the success of all clinical research sites.

We provide our sites with weekly new study opportunities that are centered on their therapeutic capabilities and patient enrollment potential. Each potential study is carefully channeled to ensure the best possible match and study outcome.

Feasibility Support

We assist all our sites with feasibility support that includes any clarifications or queries.

We ensure that FQs are submitted within one week of receipt to ensure consideration in the study.

Feasibility support that includes clarifications and queries

Operational support to ensure that FQ is submitted within one week timeframe

FQ review

Diversity Solutions

Access to diverse patient populations and increasing their participation in clinical trials is an industry priority. We help sites develop their Diversity Plans to ensure that they are meeting each study’s diversity targets and goals. 

Diversity is a broad term and per the FDA, it goes beyond race and ethnicity to include other underrepresented populations defined by demographics such as sex, gender identity, age, socioeconomic status, disability, pregnancy status, lactation status and co-morbidity. 

We help all sites with Diversity Plans that will help them to reach out to diverse members of their communities.

MplusM Research Network

Quality Control

Ensuring the highest quality standards is critical to our network and our reputation.

Sharing best practices to ensure the highest quality results and data throughout our integrated network is an important component of our operations.

Having unified Standard Operating Procedures across all sites in our network guarantees a standard of quality and uniform operations in all our sites.

Budget & CTA Negotiations

Having a single point of contact for all budget and CTA negotiations is a win-win for sites, allowing them to capitalize on budget negotiations as part of a network of 62 sites versus negotiating individually with a Sponsor or CRO.

By leveraging our network budgeting and contracting capabilities, sites are able to focus on the job they do best: conducting clinical trials.

Single point of contact for Budget and CTA Negotiations

One Budget and one CTA for the whole network

Increased Budget opportunities due to network leverage

Economies of scale for belonging to an integrated site network


Our expertise in regulatory matters helps site navigate the complex framework.

We help sites manage relations with centralized IRBs.

Regulatory and IRB assistance

Payment Management

Simplifying payment management is a core service MplusM Consulting offers. By negotiating complex study budgets and managing payment operations we allow sites to focus on their core business.

We are proactive in managing payment deadlines and in following up with Sponsors and CROs to ensure payments are received on a timely matter and in accordance with the CTA.