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MplusM Consulting is an integrated network of 62 research sites located in Florida and California. All our sites are multi-therapeutic and highly experienced, having very diverse patient populations.

MplusM Consulting is strongly committed to expanding diversity in clinical trials and works in close collaboration with our sites to develop diversity plans and we also offer Spanish language remote Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) services to sites that require it to increase diversity in their trial participants.

We work with one budget and one contract, giving Sponsors and CROs access to a large, diverse, and highly experienced network, but with a streamlined structure with a single point of contact for all contract and budget negotiations.

For our sites, having a single point of contact for all budget and contract negotiations allows them to leverage the economies of scale of negotiating as part of a network of 62 sites rather than individually, and it also allows them to focus on their core capability: conducting successful clinical trials.

Having quick turnaround times is a critical part of our business and we offer a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround time for Feasibility Questionnaires (FQs) and a guaranteed one week turnaround time for Budget and CTA negotiations.

We have over 200 highly experienced Principal Investigators (PIs) in our network of which 95% are of a diverse background. This allows our sites to establish a relationship of trust with the patient population and maximize their diversity targets.

Among the PIs and Sub-Is in our sites there are: