Elevating Clinical Trials to New Heights in Texas

From the bustling health hubs of Dallas and Houston to the burgeoning research landscapes in Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and the DFW Area, the MplusM Research Network is committed to enhancing the impact of clinical research throughout Texas.

Your Partner in Clinical Research Excellence Across Texas

Unparalleled Network Benefits

Being part of our network in Texas means your research site gains dedicated support for contract and budget negotiations, access to a steady pipeline of diverse and paid clinical trial opportunities, and stringent quality control under uniform SOPs.

A Focus on Diversity

MplusM is more than a research network; it drives inclusive healthcare advancement across Texas. We are deeply committed to fostering diverse participation in clinical trials, reflecting the rich and varied communities throughout the Lone Star State.

Regional Expertise, Statewide Impact

Each major region in Texas has its unique healthcare landscape, and we are deeply embedded in them all:

  • Dallas: A health and tech powerhouse
  • Houston: A global leader in health innovation
  • Austin: A rising star in clinical research
  • San Antonio: Rich history, vibrant future in healthcare
  • El Paso: A frontier of health advancement
  • DFW Area: A nexus of health and research

Join Us in Reshaping Healthcare in Texas

We invite research sites across Texas to join us in this mission. As a member of the MplusM Research Network, your site can be at the forefront of revolutionary healthcare advancements in Texas.

Connect with Us Today

Ready to redefine what your clinical research site can achieve in Texas? Reach out to the MplusM Research Network now and explore the boundless potential that awaits across this great state.

Your success fuels our mission. Together, let’s reshape healthcare innovation in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the geographical coverage of the MplusM Research Network in Texas?

Our network spans the state, including major hubs like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and the DFW Area.

How does MplusM Research Network help in enhancing diversity in Texas clinical trials?

MplusM collaborates with our Texas sites to develop comprehensive Diversity Plans. We aim to expand participation in clinical trials across diverse patient populations in line with the FDA standards.

How can my Texas-based research site join the MplusM Research Network?

To initiate your journey towards joining the MplusM Research Network and accessing exceptional clinical research trials in Texas, contact us. Our team is ready and eager to guide you through the membership process.