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About Us

Promoting diversity in clinical trials and in the healthcare industry is our guiding principle. 

Let us help you meet your diversity goals.

Who we are

MplusM Research Network is a clinical research site network with over 60 research sites in the United States. 

We work with all major Sponsors/CROs in bringing clinical trials to a highly diverse patient population.  Our services to Sponsors and CROs include operating with one contract and one budget for our whole network.  We work with guaranteed 48 hour turnaround times for Feasibility Questionnaires (FQs) and one week turnaround time for CTAs and Budgets. 

Our sites are all minority owned and operated and over 95% of our Principal Investigators are of a diverse background.

Our services to clinical research sites include a constant steady pipeline of studies.  We negotiate contracts and budgets for all sites in our network, thus ensuring more attractive results for sites. 

Our network operates under a set of integrated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), thus guaranteeing quality results across the network. 

We offer sites in our network a Diversity Plan and can assist them meet their diversity study targets with Spanish speaking remote Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs).


Our Team

Marta Nadal, PhD is the founder and CEO of MplusM Research Network. Marta is responsible for business development and the strategic direction for the company.

With over 40 years experience in the health sector and more than 15 years experience in the clinical trials industry, Marta is highly experienced in industry trends both in the United States as well as in Europe and Latin America. She has also been involved in health advocacy and health policy consulting in Latin America, overseeing important health campaigns and pharmaceutical initiatives in the region.

Marta holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has conducted doctoral work in public health at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Marta is passionate about travel and has lived in five countries and speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.